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Our Services

Veteran Strategies offers comprehensive public, media, and crisis communication services as well as architectural photography, administrative management and general management consulting, and public outreach. With extensive experience, our team has planned and executed successful strategies for our clients. Learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Public Relations
Your public image is critical to both your community reputation and your bottom line. Veteran Strategies will work with you to ensure that both are protected. Contact us to find out how.
Media Relations
In an era of ever-changing media options, the ability to promote your company’s name in traditional electronic and print media can make the difference between growing your company and watching others grow theirs. Veteran Strategies has extensive relationships with reporters and decision makers at every publication and electronic outlet in Central Indiana and beyond.
Crisis Communications
If you’re an online retailer, your reputation is important. When faced with an emergency, your company or organization must have a communications strategy based on a dozen years of working with media and the public at the highest levels. The principal of Veteran Strategies, Robert Vane, has worked in crisis situations with executive branch leaders at every level, professional sports franchises, and non-profit organizations. We will work to get out your message as quickly and forcefully as possible.
Architectural Photography
In today’s image-obsessed culture, high-caliber architectural photography is essential to demonstrating creativity and capacity. By understanding the different needs of architects, construction firms, engineers, interior designers, and construction trades, we provide images that help audiences connect with and appreciate amazing projects. Click to view our portfolio
Administrative Management and General Management Consulting
Effective messaging is always a team effort involving more than just one communications partner. Veteran Strategies has considerable experience as the prime public and media relations consultant for projects, organizations, and campaigns. Let us manage your messaging while you manage your organization.
Public Outreach
Mounting a campaign to win public support for your referendum or major policy decision requires transparency, experience, and credibility. My experience in public outreach efforts includes the $2 billion transaction between the city of Indianapolis and Citizens Energy. We held dozens of public meetings, gained media notice for the open and honest way we informed the public, and ultimately won passage of one of the most important measures in Indianapolis’ history.

It’s important to communicate your message effectively. Contact us to find out how.